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‘The Secret Life of Wombats’ by James Woodford


Non-fiction – paperback; Text Publishing; 229 pages; 2001.

Quite simply James Woodford’s The Secret Life of Wombats is an amazing book full of amazing facts.

Amazing fact # 1: Northern hairy-nosed wombats produce square-shaped poo, which even the world’s greatest scientists can’t explain.

Amazing fact #2: Wombats have rootless teeth that grow throughout their lives so it doesn’t matter if they break them chewing through tough tree roots.

Amazing fact #3: Southern hairy-nosed wombats have a phenomenally low need for water, surviving on as little as 22ml per day.

Aside from these amazing facts, Woodford’s book is incredibly easy to read and there’s not a boring sentence in it. Each page drips with enthusiasm and love for these intriguing creatures. If you like wombats, you will LOVE this book. If only all zoology books were so beautifully written.

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