Triple Choice Tuesday

Triple Choice Tuesday: Sam Still Reading

Triple-Choice-TuesdayWelcome to Triple Choice Tuesday. This is where I ask some of my favourite bloggers, writers and readers to share the names of three books that mean a lot to them. The idea is that it might raise the profile of certain books and introduce you to new titles, new authors and new bloggers.

Today’s guest is Sam from Sam Still Reading.

Sam always enjoyed the idea of blogging, but thought she was far too boring (and broke!) to write a blog that would be relevant and interesting. When her father asked her for the umpteenth time why she had her nose in a book instead of watching the highly expensive television*, she knew she’d found her subject.

When she’s not reading or browsing reading-related websites and bookstores, Sam can generally be found at work, which pays the bills for yet more books.

You can follow her on Twitter @samstillreading

*He was joking and the TV wasn’t expensive compared to a two-a-week book habit.

Without further ado, here are Sam’s Triple Choice Tuesday selections:

Gone-with-the-windA favourite book: Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell

This one was a tough one to choose. Among the contenders was Muppet Manners: Or, the Night Gonzo Gave a Party (which I’d still recommend to parents, it’s funny for them as well as kids). However, as much as I love Muppet Manners when I’m stressed, the award must go to Gone With the Wind. It’s an epic story that wasn’t ruined by the movie — in fact; I’d say that the movie enhances my enjoyment of the book. The book has it all — love, betrayal, war and murder alongside a feisty heroine who ensures she gets what she wants. It’s not a short book (my battered paperback copy has nearly a thousand pages) but you’ll get so caught up in the story that you’ll wonder where the time has gone. I first read this book as a teenager and still turn to it to reread sections or the entire thing.

JaneEyreA book that changed my world: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

You’d probably be surprised if I told you I hated English Literature at school, given that I’m a voracious reader. Well, I did and it put me off classics for a very long time. I was persuaded to read Jane Eyre after watching a fantastic TV adaptation. (See, I do occasionally watch TV). This book really opened my eyes to classic novels again. I could understand it, it made sense and it was a highly emotive, beautiful story. I really regret those years that school put me off reading classic books — they’re classic for a reason besides being the school curriculum! Charlotte Bronte opened my eyes to reading further in this field. The fact that paperback copies (such as the Popular Penguins series) and eBooks of classics are also inexpensive helps to feed this new habit.

RevolutionaryroadA book that deserves a wider audience: Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates

I’ve read that Richard Yates should be considered the father of American literature and I completely agree with that statement. His works, although not the happiest, are incredibly true to life. They accurately reflect the ups and downs of daily life — the good, boring and awful. What I enjoy about Revolutionary Road is how it’s just like looking into any suburb in any town — Frank and April have dreams going nowhere while they toil against the daily grind. Yates’ talent for conveying incredible feeling in such few words has caused me to eagerly search for his other works no matter where I am in the world.

Thanks, Sam, for taking part in my Triple Choice Tuesday!

I’ve not been brave enough to tackle Gone With The Wind — it’s such a chunky book — but I loved the film which I first saw as a teenager. I read Jane Eyre last year and loved it, and while I haven’t read Revolutionary Road, I have read Yates’ The Easter Parade, which is wonderfully tragic, and have several more of his books lying in wait.

What do you think of Sam’s choices? Have you read any of these books?

7 thoughts on “Triple Choice Tuesday: Sam Still Reading”

  1. I read Jane Eyre years ago, but just read Revolutionary Road recently. I loved the movie so much when it came out, I promised myself I would read the novel some day. Wow. What a book. Absolutely brutal. As I posted on my blog:
    Revolutionary Road really is emotionally wrenching. The portrait of a marriage, and the individuals within it. A period piece that resonates for anyone in any era who strives to be special, amazing, the best he/she can be…
    Five stars!


  2. I always get Jane Eyre confused with Rebecca, but when I think about it a bit more, I remember again: it’s beautiful (so is Rebecca, actually). I feel I should read Gone with the Wind, but the covers I usually see dissuade me. Looks too romancy for me.


  3. The Revolutionary Road is one of my all time favourite. So powerful and affecting, present relationship and marriage high and low like no other book could ever do! Read Jane Eyre and I love it too. Great choices.


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