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2018 Stella Prize shortlist

I’ve just got back from a three-week sojourn to Australia, so please forgive the lateness of this post. While I was swanning around Victoria and Western Australia, the shortlist for the 2018 Stella Prize was announced on International Women’s Day.Stella Prize badge

The shortlisted titles are:

The prize is for Australian women writers and only books, both fiction and non-fiction, published in 2017 were eligible. You can read the full announcement on the official website.

I plan on reviewing as many of the titles as I can. Do keep coming back to this post as I will update the hyperlinks above as and when I review each title.

The winner of the $50,000 prize will be announced on 12 April.

11 thoughts on “2018 Stella Prize shortlist”

  1. I have An Uncertain Grace on order, so hopefully I will review it myself in the next month or so. Were you in Perth long? Would have been happy to shout you a Margaret River wine maybe.


    1. I’m most intrigued by The Fish Girl, and I love that The Enlightenment of the Greengage Tree is a translation and will look forward to reading that one. At the moment i’m about half-way through Terra Nullius, which is proving an interesting read, although I’m waiting for the A-HA moment everyone has warned me about!

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  2. Most of the books on the Stella prize list usually appeal to me. If I had the time, this would be a list I would consider reading each year. As it is, I will enjoy following your reviews and perhaps fit in the winner! Are there usually 6 on the list?


    1. Yes, there’s usually 6, and I’m conscious of the fact that I’m running out of time to read them all before the winner is announced in a couple of weeks! There’s two on here I have no interest in reading, so I’m not going to make a special effort with them… unless I can be convinced otherwise.

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