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Michelle de Kretser wins the 2018 Miles Franklin Literary Award

Congratulations to Australian writer Michelle de Kretser who was named winner of the 2018 Miles Franklin Literary Award for her novel The Life to Come earlier today.

This is the second time de Kretser has won the award — she won it in 2013 for Questions of Travel.

This how chair of the judging panel Richard Neville described The Life to Come:

Sentence-by-sentence, it is elegant, full of life and funny. With her characteristic wit and style, Michelle de Kretser dissects the way Australians see ourselves, and reflects on the ways other parts of the world see us.

I wholly concur. I loved this novel when I read it earlier in the year and I think it’s a worthy winner. Mind you, it was an incredibly strong shortlist and I would have been happy to see almost any of the six novels take out the prize.

You can read all my reviews here.

And you can read more about today’s announcement on the official website.

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