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Chatting about books on YouTube with Simon Savidge

Earlier this month I spent a weekend in Liverpool, staying with my friend Simon, from Savidge Reads, whom I once set up a real-life book group with in London many moons ago (well, July 2009, which is a decade ago).

We’ve remained in contact ever since Simon moved Up North but don’t often get to see each other, which is why I jumped at the chance to go visit when he invited me. We had a wonderful time exploring the waterfront, falling in and out of galleries, cafes and, of course, bookshops, and I even got a private tour of Liverpool Central Library, which is Simon’s place of work.

But the highlight was sitting on Simon’s famous sofa, in his gorgeous personal library (better than a bookshop!), and chatting about books for Simon’s book tube channel, the results of which you can see here:

Thanks so much for having me, Simon!

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