2020 Miles Franklin, Literary prizes

The 2020 Miles Franklin Literary Award shortlist

At last, I appear to be on the right side of the world to hear today’s announcement: who made it on to this year’s shortlist for the Miles Franklin Literary Award.

The nominees are:

As you can see I have already read a couple. I read No One on the weekend (it’s excellent), so plan on reviewing that very soon. The rest, bar Islands, are already on my TBR, so I hope to review them in due course before the prize announcement. Do keep coming back to this post as I will update the hyperlinks above as and when I review each title.

The winner of the $60,000 prize will be named on 16 July.

You can read the official press release here. And read what the Sydney Morning Herald have to say about it here.

12 thoughts on “The 2020 Miles Franklin Literary Award shortlist”

  1. Yes, it’s nice to be here and catch the buzz!
    I’ll take your recommendation for No One, I have started venturing into a book shop last weekend (not that lockdown stopped me buying books, of course), but now I have a good excuse to take a little trip further afield! (I’ve almost forgotten how to drive).


    1. I’ve been lucky: my local bookstores (second hand & indie) have remained open throughout the pandemic so I’ve been able to browse and buy as per normal. I’ve been treating myself to a book (sometimes two) per week cos I figured I was no longer spending money in pubs / restaurants. My TBR has grown substantially in recent months as a result. Oops.


      1. LOL You’re talking to someone who has just had to reconstruct her Excel TBR file and discovered that she has 940 fiction titles on it. (Still working on the NF side of things, but that won’t be so many. The books actually all fit (in stacks) on the table in the library. Fiction spilled over onto the dining table…)


        1. Hahaha. Well you’re talking to someone who started their TBR from scratch when I repatriated 12 months ago. I brought 20 books with me… I haven’t updated my spreadsheet recently but it was up near 120 last time I looked 🧐

          Liked by 1 person

    1. Tiffany’s earlier work has been published in the UK, and the Tara June Winch should be available – she’s an indigenous writer but lives in France. The remainder haven’t been published internationally (as far as I am aware).


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