Reading Projects, Southern Cross Crime Month 2021

Southern Cross Crime Month is coming!

This is just a friendly reminder that #SouthernCrossCrime2021 is almost here.

Things kick off on Monday 1st March and will run right throughout the month. I was going to put together a schedule, focusing on specific types of crime writing on different weeks (for example, historical & nostalgic crime in week 1, psychological crime, suspense & thrillers in week 2, etc etc), but I know I will never stick to it, and I think it’s easier for all involved just to read and review what you want when you want!

I have set up a dedicated page, which you can find listed in my top menu bar, and I have also installed a “Mr Linky” so you can record the books you read and review online.

I’m excited about the month ahead. I’ve already begun reading a bunch of crime books so that I’ve got something to review when things kick off and I’m looking forward to telling you about some wonderful Southern Cross Crime that I have been enjoying, including a brilliant cosy crime novel from a local Fremantle author, a true crime book about women who poisoned family members in 1950s Sydney, and a nail-biting thriller that gives a serious nod to Wake in Fright and Wolf Creek!

Let me know in the comments below if you plan on taking part or if you have any questions. I look forward to celebrating all things #SouthernCrossCrime2021 with you from next Monday…

12 thoughts on “Southern Cross Crime Month is coming!”

      1. If you’re planning on mentioning Arthur Upfield’s Bonaparte detective novels I’ve reviewed a couple set in WA, and Lisa and I have both reviewed Australia’s ‘first’, Force and Fraud by Ellen Davitt. I think I may have another C19th one. I’ll see when I get home.


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