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Season’s greetings to you

Sunset over Fremantle Port, taken from my living room window on 22 December 2021

I don’t normally post a Christmas message on my blog, but this year hasn’t followed convention, so why should I?

Anyway, I just wanted to quickly wish you all the best for the festive season wherever you reside and however you choose to celebrate (if you celebrate at all). I hope you’re doing okay and staying safe.

I have 10 days off work and after the craziness of the past few weeks (a new boss, lots of changes in the office and my role) on top of a rollercoaster of a year, I’m looking forward to relaxing, reading lots of books, catching up on reviews and maybe having a little splurge or two in my local independent book store (wearing a face mask, of course).

The air-conditioner is having a workout today because Perth has been hit by a heatwave. It’s going to be 42°C today (107 Fahrenheit) and 44°C tomorrow. Then it’s a week of temps in the high 30s. (I’m writing this at 11am and it’s already 33°C.)

I’m not cooking Christmas dinner because who needs a fan-forced oven pumping out more heat? I have a bag of pre-cooked prawns, plenty of salad leaves, seafood sauce and avocado, so I’ll be tucking into my own take on a prawn cocktail later. This will be followed by meringues I made last night served with cream and fresh strawberries, mini pavlova style.

And there’s plenty of local beer in the fridge.

Now to chill out on the sofa with a good book… it’s hard to choose which one, but I think I might opt for John Banville’s Prague Nights because of its snowy setting. I can dream about cooler temperatures, right?

Thanks for all your comments, likes and follows this year. I appreciate the support. I’ll post my favourite books of the year list on New Year’s Eve. That’s at least one tradition I can stick to!

19 thoughts on “Season’s greetings to you”

  1. Here’s hoping the Fremantle doctor cools you down. I’m 20 km inland, and outside on the patio, so am feeling all those 40 deg. Enjoy your day! Hope you have lots of zoom calls to keep you connected.


    1. Well, I’m not sure the doctor arrived yesterday. I stepped out on my balcony at 7pm and it was so hot and still I promptly went back inside! Normally I can open the shutters on my balcony in the early evening (when I get home from work) and the cool sea breeze comes in and it’s lovely sitting out there eating my dinner or having a quiet beer, but yesterday there was no breeze at all. Suspect it will be the same today.


  2. Wishing you all the best for the holidays, job adjustments, reading!, and the new year! I recently read Maestro on your recommendation. Fascinating. Take care, Kim, and yay for pre-cooked 🍤!


    1. Thanks Brona. I think it will be a long wait for a cool change… it’s low 40s/high 30s all week… think it drops to 29 on Friday. Normally I would get up early to beat the heat, go for a walk etc, but when I woke up at 7am this morning it was already 30C!


    1. The aircon certainly made things bearable. Using it is a complete novelty after living in a top floor flat in London that did not have air con and promptly turned into a pottery kiln whenever the temp went over 24C! Hope you had a great day

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