Perth bookstore launches First Nations book subscription

How’s this for good timing?

No sooner do I decide to begin a Reading First Nations Writers project, than I discover an independent bookstore here in Perth is set to launch a First Nations book subscription!

Rabble Books & Games, in Maylands, will offer a book every month that will be “by an Indigenous author and from a range of genres for adults”.

Needless to say, I have signed up! I have opted for the postal subscription, which is $45 per month (via Direct Debit), but if you live locally you can choose the in-store collection subscription, which is $35.

If you sign up by 24th of March, you will receive the first book by the end of the month. The first book is one of the five on the Stella Prize longlist by First Nation writers, so you get to choose which one you’d like.

On social media, the store said:

We hope that book subscriptions will give us a bit of a soft landing in what we expect to be a difficult year for Rabble, whilst spreading the joy of our book curation every month, and continuing to build a little community of book lovers. Hopefully, we can keep holding each other close in a socially distanced way!

To find out more, check out the store’s subscription page.

7 thoughts on “Perth bookstore launches First Nations book subscription”

  1. Thank you Kim, I don’t go north of the river very often, but I can see Maylands from my flat (it’s about 100m away on the other side of the river) so I have no excuse not to subscribe, pickup (by bike if the temp ever gets out of the 30s) and no doubt browse.


  2. What a good idea! And you have Magabala books in Broome so there will always be nice new books coming. But you might want to mention to them that their postal rates interstate might need to be higher, postage between WA and everywhere else, for parcels, is a bit steep.


    1. It costs about $12 to send a book from Perth to Melbourne, so they should be OK given most books aren’t going to be more than $32.99. I guess they can factor in an interstate shipping cost at a later date if they have enough interest from the eastern states and they find the existing subscription price doesn’t cover their costs.

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