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Book news round-up: May 2022

Here’s something different for you… my covid-woolly brain can’t seem to compose any book reviews at the moment but I can put together a bunch of links. Go figure.

¶ The longlist for the 2022 Miles Franklin Literary Award has been announced. I’ve actually read a few from the list but can’t say anything has particularly wowed me.

¶ Here’s some great recommendations for anyone who loves Japanese literature including new releases and books coming soon.

¶ The winner of the world’s richest literary prize for English-language novels has been named. One to add to the wishlist by the sound of things.

¶ Excited to hear that Australian author Helen Fitzgerald has a new book coming out later this year. I’ve reviewed much of her back catalogue here.

¶ Not really book news, but for copywriters, sub-editors and grammarians alike, this new board game looks brilliant fun!

¶ The Indigenous Literacy Foundation has released two new bilingual books for children. The books are the result of a unique collaboration between children, families, Elders, authors and publishers in the Kimberley region of northern Western Australia.

¶ Love him or loathe him, I’m not ashamed to say I’ve already placed my pre-order for Bono’s memoir, due to be published on 1 November.

¶ This new reprint of a Nancy Spain novel first published in 1950 sounds perfect for cosy crime aficionados. Has anyone read her work before? Why have I never heard of her?

¶ A fireproof edition of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale is going to be auctioned off to raise funds for PEN America. (What does it say about a country that thinks nothing of banning books but won’t do anything to control gun ownership?)

Need a laugh? The 50 funniest books of all time, put together by Penguin Publishing, might provide some inspiration.

The shortlist for the 2022 Australian Book Industry Awards (ABIAs) has been announced. The winners will be named in Sydney on June 9.

The British Library is hosting a new exhibition showcasing 50 gold books, scrolls and documents in its collection.

¶  This one has gone onto my wishlist: The Netanyahus by Joshua Cohen has won the 2022 Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

17 thoughts on “Book news round-up: May 2022”

  1. The only Nancy Spain novel I’ve read is Cinderella Goes to the Morgue – camp and snarky and fun, though not QUITE as enjoyable as I’d hoped. But I’ll definitely try some more.


  2. I’ve read The Art of Losing (which won the Dublin Award) and it’s *excellent*. It would be my book of the year if I included international titles. And I say that knowing that it’s only May!

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  3. I am very good at doing posts like these when I can’t get my head in gear to review. I am so keen to read The Art of Losing, mainly because of the briliant Frank Wynne.


    1. Anything involving multi-tasking or forming a logical argument in a post (which is really what a book review is… a logical argument of why you liked or didn’t like something) has been almost impossible this week. My job involves multi-tasking on a level I’ve never experienced before (ie I can be writing about nickel mining one minute or beef supply chains the next) so working from home while in 7-day isolation has been “interesting”. Feeling much better today though. And yea, I’m keen to read The Art of Losing, too.

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      1. I hope that reading can provide some respite, it sounds like you are actually doing really well with the multi-tasking.


        1. No time for reading at all this week, unfortunately. I’ve been WFM, having little naps or lie downs between zoom meetings or deadlines, and then going to bed at about 9pm every night. I have been sleeping like a log. But knew I was definitely better when I woke up at 5:30 this morning… which is roughly the time I wake up when I’m not sick.

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  4. Oof, instead of commenting on books I’m commenting on health. The brain fog thing has been affecting so many people. I hope you are able to take it easy on yourself, Kim, making a full recovery may take time. My post-Covid symptoms were hardest to cope with in February and March after Omicron in January-February. Wishing you rest and recovery.


    1. Thanks Jennifer. Pretty much recovered now… just a bit fatigued and the brain seems to be operating a bit more clearly today. In grand scheme of things, my symptoms were relatively mild. No cough or sore throat. But banging headaches, sinus congestion and back pain. Low-grade fever for a couple of days. And I certainly didn’t lose my appetite. Hope you are fully recovered now…

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      1. I’m feeling so much better than I was. The dizziness/vertigo was the worst part. I really feel for all those dealing with serious long haul symptoms.


        1. I had constant dizziness/lightheadedness for 5 months in 2015/16 which doctors put down to a severe lack of vitamin D3. Not saying that’s the cause of your symptoms, but D3 is so important for neurological functioning (as well as everything else related to bones and muscles)

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          1. Doctors are almost certain I had viral Labyrinthitis when my vision suddenly went spinning like a roller coaster and I couldn’t even keep water down in 2018. That took quite a while to recover from. Some of us who have a vulnerability around our inner ear mechanisms also had dizziness as a post-Covid symptom. Or at least that’s the anecdotal evidence! I take vitamin D supplements though. x

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  5. I had Influenza A earlier in the year (but didn’t know it!) except for the lingering tiredness and brain fog that is still in play. Not as bad since our holiday last month, but I still have days when the effort to concentrate is almost beyond me. When I do have a good sparky day, I make sure I sit down and put some book thoughts together for later. So take care of yourself and take it easy when your body sends those signals.

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    1. Thanks, Brona. I’ve only ever had the proper flu once when I was 15 and all these decades later I still recall how AWFUL it was, only topped by the pneumonia I had in 2006 which took my immune system YEARS to recover from. This year I am going to get a flu jab because I don’t fancy being sick again this year – covid was bad enough. Hope you keep improving and the fatigue/brain fog disappears asap.


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