20 books of summer, 20 books of summer (2022)

20 books of summer 2022 recap

It’s the last day of winter here in Australia (hooray!!), so that means it’s time to recap my efforts trying to complete this year’s #20booksofsummer/winter challenge.

This is the sixth year of participating in this annual event, which is co-ordinated by Cathy, who blogs at 746 Books.

The idea is to read 20 books (or a nominated amount less than this) from your TBR between 1 June and 1 September. Last year, I managed to complete it successfully, but this year was a different story!

In fact, at one point I thought I would be lucky to finish eight books in total. I actually considered abandoning the whole thing. I had too much other stuff going on and wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

But then I regained my reading mojo, made a stab at trying to get back on track and ended up reading a grand total of 15 books.

Of my original list, I read only eight books; the remainder were swapped in based on my mood at the time of reading.

Unfortunately, I am seriously behind on the reviewing front, but I hope to rectify that as soon as I can. In the meantime, here’s what I read, arranged in alphabetical order by author’s surname (hyperlinks, as ever, take you to my full review):

As you can see, I read a fairly mixed bag, albeit dominated by Australian writers, but the standout was by an Irish writer — Bernard McLaverty’s Midwinter Break really hit the spot when I read it last weekend. But, to be fair, I didn’t read a dud all winter and would recommend everything listed here.

Thanks again to Cathy for hosting.

Did you take part in #20BooksOfSummer? How did you do? Care to share your favourite read of the summer (or winter)?

16 thoughts on “20 books of summer 2022 recap”

  1. Well done, Kim! I should like to read some more Australian fiction and will add some of yours to my wishlist. I cheat terribly on this challenge, but all of my twenty bar one book group pick did come from my TBR, and apart from my WITMonth choices were all chosen by whim – which works for me – and that’s 19+1 books from my TBR sorted.


    1. I do review everything I read so I will get around to it eventually. And luckily I put sticky notes all over my books so I can find quotes I like so writing reviews weeks / months after reading isn’t too much of a stretch.

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    1. Yes, all good. Still adjusting to new job and return of the Other Half so it’s been busy and I’ve been exhausted! I did manage to read a good mix of fiction and non-fiction and enjoyed all of it.

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