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The Riverside Readers on Sky Arts Book Club

Screenshot from Episode 2 video

Well, look who it is! That’s (clockwise from top left) Claire, Sakura, Dom and Polly sitting on the Sky Arts Book Club sofa. These wonderful people are my fellow book group buddies from London who were recently invited to be the featured book club on the TV show.

I co-founded the Riverside Readers with Simon Savidge more than a decade ago. Both of us have since moved on — me back to Australia and Simon to Liverpool — but the group is still going strong, meeting once a month on the Southbank in London to discuss books. It’s all fairly relaxed, and usually involves a bit of gossip, a drink or two, and a lot of laughs.

Over the years members have come and gone but the four pictured above are the stalwarts who have been there from the start — the only person missing is Armen, who couldn’t make the TV recording.

The show is hosted by Andi Oliver and Elizabeth Day, and in this episode, they are joined by writers Leone Ross and Sarah Vaughan. As an added bonus, Simon is one of the presenters.

You can watch the episode on the Club’s dedicated Facebook page.

Update: Don’t have Facebook, but live in the UK? I believe Sky Arts is free to view, so you may be able to download and watch on your desktop using a dedicated app. Try this link.

12 thoughts on “The Riverside Readers on Sky Arts Book Club”

  1. Oh, what fun, to see your book group, your baby on TV! Your video clip won’t actually play, and I’m not on FB so I’ll take your word for it that they had a lively discussion!


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