A Year With William Trevor

‘A Year with William Trevor’ is almost here!

As the end of the year fast approaches, this is just a quick reminder that it’s time to dust off your William Trevor books (or buy or borrow them) in preparation for “A Year with William Trevor”, which kicks off in January 2023.

Together with Cathy from 746 Books, we will be working our way through Trevor’s extensive backlist. Our proposed reading schedule is below. We’ll be posting our reviews in the first week of every month. I am aiming to publish my first one on the first Saturday of January.

Please feel free to join along. You don’t need to follow our schedule. Just read whatever Trevors you can lay your hands on and let us know using the hashtag #WilliamTrevor2023. I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone reads and having some good online chats about his work.

Here’s the proposed schedule:

JAN The Old Boys Cheating at Canasta (short stories)
FEB The Boarding House Mrs Eckdorf in O’Neill’s Hotel
MAR The Love Department Miss Gomez and the Brethren
APR The Hill Bachelors (short stories) Elizabeth Alone
MAY Nights at the Alexandra The Children of Dynmouth
JUN Felicia’s Journey A Bit on the Side (short stories)
JUL Death in Summer Other People’s Worlds
AUG The Mark-2 Wife (short stories) Fools of Fortune
SEP The Story of Lucy Gault The Silence in the Garden
OCT Excursions in the Real World (memoir) After Rain (short stories)
NOV Two Lives Two Lives
DEC Last Stories The Dressmaker’s Child 

And here’s a gallery of all the books I am planning to read. I think these Penguin covers are just gorgeous:

For inspiration on what to read, please check out my original post announcing this year-long read-a-long.

33 thoughts on “‘A Year with William Trevor’ is almost here!”

  1. I’m looking forward to this. I’ve read most of Trevor’s novels and short stories, but never Fools of Fortune which is listed in 1001 Books. So I’ve just ordered it!


    1. No worries! You have a whole year, so there’s no rush. If you have time and there’s a book that appeals, it would be great to have you join in. The year is about sharing our love for William Trevor and encouraging others to give him a try.

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      1. The covers are gorgeous, aren’t they? I wish they would do something like this for Jennifer Johnston’s work, which really deserves a much wider audience. The covers of her books look like cheesy romances and are quite off-putting – and not at all indicative of the brilliant content!

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  2. I received a copy of Old Boys just yesterday in a secret Santa parcel so I am all ready for January. I have read several novels by William Trevor, most recently The Boarding House, but I am looking forward to the excuse of exploring his short stories. Really looking forward to this event.


  3. Despite my reservations about challenges, this looks like one I could get behind. The only Trevor I actually own – The Story of Lucy Gault – doesn’t actually make the cut, I notice!


    1. That’s because I have already read it… in fact, it was my first WT and I adored it. It’s the book that made me interested in reading more of his work, so you’ve got a good one there!

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