How to use

There are more than 1,000 reviews — and counting  — listed on Reading Matters.

Reviews are categorised by author name, genre, publisher and setting. These can be found in the drop-down menu in the footer of each page.

To access the footer and drop-down menu, simply click the button — located at the bottom of the page — which looks like this:


Alternatively, you can also use the search box to look for specific titles. This, too, is found in the footer, accessed by clicking the black button, but there is also a search box in the top menu bar.

Note that the site does not have an index, but my Reading Log may prove useful.

Do, please, leave comments, because these are the lifeblood of a blog, provide inspiration/ motivation to keep on reviewing and I love hearing what you think. To make a comment, simply click the comment dialogue button — located at the bottom right of the page — which looks like this:



I hope you have fun exploring the site, and do email me ( or leave a comment if you can’t find what you’re looking for.

3 thoughts on “How to use”

  1. Hello again:)
    While I wouldn’t want to mess up the clean-cut lines of this blog, is it possible to add a Recent Comments section somewhere so that visitors can see where the conversations are happening?


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