Southern Cross Crime Month

Welcome to Southern Cross Crime Month, a month-long celebration of crime writing from Australia and New Zealand.

When does Southern Cross Crime Month run?
From March 1 to March 31, 2021, but feel free to read books beyond these dates!

What is Southern Cross Crime?
It’s basically anything that classifies as fictional crime (such as psychological thrillers, suspense novels and police procedurals) or true crime and is written by an author from either Australia or New Zealand. There’s a list of resources of my announcement post here.

Who can participate? 
Absolutely anyone! All you have to do is read a Southern Cross Crime book — or books — over the course of the month and then share your thoughts about them on the platform/s of your choice. This could be a blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, GoodReads, YouTube or podcast. (Did I miss anything? Does anyone review books on TikTok?)

How do I participate?
As per above, but use the hashtag #SouthernCrossCrime2021 and feel free to use the image at the top of this page or a smaller one here. Then list your review on the Mr Linky page below.

Where it says “your name” write the ‘Book title’ by author’s name (your name in brackets), followed by the URL of your review: