Review policy

All books reviewed on this blog come from my own collection or local library, unless otherwise indicated.

Occasionally publishers send me books directly, so any subsequent review is marked accordingly. I do not do this to suggest that these books have received special treatment but merely to make my reviewing system transparent.

My aim is to always write balanced, fair and objective reviews.

If you want to pitch a book for me to review, please note that I do not accept books directly from authors — it sets up an expectation that I can’t promise to fulfil.

Also, note that I do not review self-published (‘independent’) books or digital books (PDFs, Kindle format etc) sent on spec — these are automatically deleted — and I do not participate in blog tours.

Please take the time to look at my reviews and get a feel for what I like reading. It’s a waste of your time (and mine) to pitch something that clearly doesn’t suit my tastes or interests.

At the moment I am only accepting review copies from Australian-based publishers.

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