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Book lists are a great way to discover new reads.

This page brings together all the lists of books that are featured on this blog.

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10 favourite Australian novels of the 21st century (August 2019)

10 of my favourite books by women writers in translation (August 2019)

4 books published in 1965 (April 2019)

3 novellas by Nawal El Saadawi, Olivia Laing and Roland Schimmelpfennig (March 2019)

5 Fast Reviews: Eric Dupont, Thea Lim, Alex Miller, Nuala O’Connor and Mercè Rodoreda (December 2018)

3 memoirs by Sacha Batthyány, Miranda Doyle and Sigrid Rausing (October 2018)

10 books by Australian women (December 2017)

10 books on the International Dublin Literary Award longlist 2017 (November 2016)

5 new Australian novels by big-name authors to add to your wishlist (October 2017)

5 Fast Reviews: Cristina Henriquez, Joseph Kanon, Brian Moore, Tiziano Scarpa and Muriel Spark (January 2016)

5 unmissable police procedurals (December 2016)

5 uplifting reads (November 2016)

5 books for Women in Translation Month (August 2016)

5 non-fiction titles for dads (June 2016)

5 Australian novels not to miss this month (April 2016)

10 (more) of my favourite novels from Australia (January 2016)

5 books to read for Diverse December (December 2015)

10 books on the International Dublin Literary Award longlist 2016 (November 2015)

5 Fast Reviews: Heinrich Böll, Patrick DeWitt, Patrick Gale, Sven Lindqvist and Heather O’Neill (November 2015)

5 books about holidays from hell (August 2015)

5 of the best psychological thrillers (February 2015)

5 books about forbidden love (February 2015)

10 books about journalists (January 2015)

5 true crime books from Australia (May 2014)

5 classic ANZ authors to discover — a guest post by Sue from Whispering Gums (May 2014)

5 books by Australian writers I’m looking forward to reading (October 2013)

5 books starring amoral protagonists (February 2012)

5 books on the 2012 Giller Prize shortlist (October 2012)

5 books about snow (February 2012)

10 books where location is key (November 2010)

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40 books I love (July 2009)

10 harrowing books (November 2007)

10 great reads from Ireland (March 2006)

10 of my favourite novels from Australia (September 2005)