Reading Projects, Southern Cross Crime Month 2021

Southern Cross Crime Month wrap-up

Thanks to everyone who participated in the inaugural Southern Cross Crime Month here on this blog.

I’ve had a criminally good time (see what I did there?) reading and reviewing nine books, but I’ve also loved seeing what other people have read and reviewed around the blogosphere.

More than 20 were reviewed by bloggers from around the world, including Australia, the UK, USA and India. I’ve been impressed with the breadth and scope of the types of crime books that have featured.

Here’s what has been reviewed, arranged in alphabetical order by author’s surname.

During the month, I also wrote a piece about new Southern Cross Crime novels to add to your wishlist, while Vishy wrote an interesting post reviewing 7 short crime stories by ANZ women writers. Gordon Duncan wrote a post about four books he read over the course of the month.

If I missed your contribution, please let me know and I will add you to this post.

Thanks again to everyone who participated by reviewing books or leaving comments; it’s all very much appreciated. See you again next year?

25 thoughts on “Southern Cross Crime Month wrap-up”

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Appreciated your contribution and apologies I couldn’t reciprocate. I’ve enjoyed following Reading Ireland Month from afar and my wish list has grown a lot thanks to you!


  1. Thank you Kim, for hosting and for reminding us how much entertainment we have right here at home (you must be able to see the Wish-Wilson setting from your front door).
    Now I’d better go and read some of the others, Vishy’s especially.

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    1. There’s a lot of varied crime being published then and now. I was surprised by breadth and scope of what was reviewed by everyone. Crime is so much more than the typical detective story / police procedural.


  2. Thanks so much for hosting Southern Cross Crime Month, Kim! I enjoyed participating very much! I discovered so many new ANZ writers! Looking forward to it next year!


  3. What a great achievement kimbofo, and 9 books yourself! I’m impressed. Well done. Do you think you’ll do it again? I would be happy to read another one or two next year. Authors do pop up in AWW that intrigue me!

    I plan to read a few of these posts, including Vishy’s as Bill also plans.


    1. Thanks for your contribution, Sue. Yes, I think I will do it next year, but might look at doing it in a different month… I had sooo much going on in my personal / work life this month that it’s a miracle I posted anything! Mind you, it’s a nice distraction to review books…


    1. Thanks, Lisa. Ever since blogger Bernadette Bean sadly died no one seems to be covering this space in Australia that I know of… I’m not sure I could review crime exclusively. I am dying to read something literary now!


  4. I just recently purchased Southern Cross Crime by Craig Sisterton. I will be watching to see if you have this event next year, and I will participate. I have always read primarily crime fiction and I was a loyal reader of Bernadette’s blog, so I am sure I can round up so books to read for this event. I currently have books (unread) by Peter Temple, Garry Disher, Angela Savage, Andrew Nette, June Wright, Kerry Greenwood, Malla Nunn and Jane Harper.


    1. Thanks, Tracy. I meant to review Craig’s book but never got around to it… I bought it at the start of my Crime Month… it’s a handy little reference.


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